As a child, I was an avid artist, enjoying all the available childhood forms of artistic expression.  I loved observing, drawing and creating, and was inspired by my artistic family, especially my father, artist Virgil Deges.   After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Fort Hays State University where I studied graphic design and various art disciplines, my gift was developed more fully when I began to take watercolor classes from artist Susan Blackwood.  Upon teaching art, marrying and having four children, I again followed my passion to paint portraits for my friends and family and was soon taking in commissions.   I became well known for my natural talent in seeing the inner beauty and light of my subjects and then transferring that vision in realistic detail in my art.  I also felt blessed that I was reaching across two worlds as an artist and as a stay-at-home mom.

Most recently, I have painted commissioned oil portraits, and I’m excited about my future in oils as well as with watercolor landscapes and pastel portraits. For more then fifteen years, I’ve been showing my art and accepting commissions from clients all over the U.S.  My art has won awards and can be found in many collections. I currently reside in Plainville, KS with my family, and maintain an active studio and portrait business. 


"I received the dog portrait on Monday.  It's perfect! I wish I could give it to my parents early."  - Heidi, Colorado

"I wanted to thank you on behalf of all my family and my mother again for the beautiful painting of my grandmother's home.  They are pleased at how well you were able to capture the house.  Thanks for sharing your talent with us."   - Julie, Vermont

"I love the portrait!, it's in our living room and gets many compliments from visitors to our home."  - Tracy, Texas

"Your work is amazingly good! I am impressed.  I was not expecting anything this artistically pleasing. When I was young, one of my favorite artist was Norman Rockwell.  He still is, and to this day I use many of the techniques I learned from studying his work.  When I saw your picture it reminded me of him, that is a real compliment.  Great work, you should definitely explose more people to your talent."  - Charles, Texas

"Thank you so much, it has been a pleasure. I've appreciated your promptness, you are a true professional"      - Kim, Iowa

"The sketch looks wonderful!  I don't think any changes are needed.  My parents are going to be thrilled! I can't wait to see the final product."   - Heidi, Missouri

"Thank you for the beautiful portrait of my dad.  It is a gift truly cherished."  - James, Wisconsin

"Your work is the kind of painting I love.  Very realistic as though you could visit with your human subjects."  - Garry, Kansas

"Just wanted to let you know how much this all has meant to me.  You did such a wonderful to have replaced something so valuable to me and with such perfection.  You're very gifted.  Thanks you so much."      - Michelle, Kansas

"Thank you for giving our family such a beautiful heirloom.  We love it!"   -Valerie, California

"I just had to tell you how happy my Mom was.  We surprised her with her friends and co-workers coming to the party.  I had her open the gift and she cried! She was so happy with it.  You helped make a very special day for my mom."  - Julee, Kansas

"When I opened these, I instantly had tears!  They are so beautiful! I am extremely pleased with them.  Thank you so very much!"  - Brandy, Kansas

"Michele-thank you again-this Santa grandma is going to be a Big Big hit.  I can hardly wait--so it is so fun to see your work!"  -Linda, Kansas

"Thank you so much for the gorgeous hand painting of our wedding photo.  I appreciate you sharing your talent so we can enjoy this painting for years to come."   -Blair, Arkansas